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Financial audit is a comprehensive examination of standalone and consolidated financial statements carried out by a certified auditor. The goal of the audit is to verify whether the accounting books and the financial statements comply with the law, in particular the Accounting Act.

The audit services offered by our Warsaw office include:

  • Audits of financial statements of companies with Polish and foreign capital,
  • Audits of consolidation packages,
  • Reviews of financial statements,
  • Audits of financial statements included in share offering prospectuses,
  • Audits of projects financed with European Structural Funds.

What does the certified auditor examine during the audit?

  • How operations are registered.
  • Whether book-keeping complies with the law.
  • The company’s internal control system.
  • Reliability of books and evidence.
  • The financial and accounting IT system.
  • The documentation of accounting rules.

A certified auditor guarantees that your financial statements are professionally audited, provides advice and corrects potential errors.

The information required during the audit:

  • Confirmation of the legal basis of the company’s functioning.
  • The most recent financial statements.
  • Accounting books.
  • Contracts with suppliers and buyers of services.
  • Internal regulations.
  • Tax and social security documentation.
  • A declaration of completeness of data and documents.


The PG Audyt accounting office offers many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the regulations. We act within the confines of the law and in accordance with generally accepted standards. We work with both medium and large entities, applying requisite diligence to keeping our Client’s accounting books and personnel files.

Our accounting office in Warsaw’s Wola districts does all of the following:

  • Full accounting.
  • Accounting department outsourcing.
  • Supervision of the Client’s accounting operations.
  • Periodic and annual financial statements.
  • Earnings and financial ratio reports.
  • Annual tax returns and statistical reports.
  • Archiving of accounting documents.
  • Instructions and regulations concerning stocktaking and document circulation.
  • Simplified accounting.

We also run HR and payroll, including:

  • Employee documentation (personal files).
  • Payroll.
  • Invoices for civil-law agreements.
  • Comprehensive social security settlements and personal income tax declarations.

If you decide to use our services, we guarantee:

  • Regular and correct bookkeeping,
  • A team with many years of experience,
  • Time savings and a professional approach,
  • Help in finding optimal tax and accounting solutions.

Contact PG Audyt to assess our qualifications. We have a large group of Clients whose requirements we have been meeting for years. Become one of them!



We provide consulting on tax issues, accounting system optimization and accounting policy, among others. We also prepare credit applications, do budgeting and help with other aspects of a company’s finances.

Our consulting services include:

  • Tax advisory services,
  • Advice on accounting organization and reporting,
  • Support in the implementation of bookkeeping systems,
  • Expert opinions on financial and economic issues,
  • Credit applications,
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings,
  • Reports for the National Bank of Poland,
  • Conversion of financial statements from Polish Accounting Standards to International Financial Reporting Standards,
  • Establishment of controlling systems,
  • Design and organization of budgeting systems,
  • Support in the process of preparing public offering prospectuses, restructuring and mergers,
  • Transfer pricing,
  • Due diligence studies,
  • Servicing transactions: mergers, splits and transformations of companies in accordance with the Civil Code and the Code of Commercial Companies.